Energy and climate goals for 2030

On 22 January 2013 the Commission proposed energy and climate objectives to be met by 2030. The objectives send a strong signal to the market, encouraging private investment in new pipelines and electricity networks or low-carbon technologies.

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What are the objectives?

  • 40% cut in greenhouse gas emissions (compared to 1990 levels)
  • To achieve at least a 27% share of renewable energy consumption
  • Energy efficiency to play a vital role, but no specific target at this point.

What about biomass?

According to the European Commision "an improved biomass policy will also be necessary to maximise the resource efficient use of biomass in order to deliver robust and verifiable greenhouse gas savings and to allow for fair competition between the various uses of biomass resources in the construction sector, paper and pulp industries and biochemical and energy production. This should also encompass the sustainable use of land, the sustainable management of forests in line with the EU's forest strategy and address indirect land use effects as with biofuels."

Read at pag. 60 of the "Impact assessment on energy and climate policy up to 2030" what is the estimated biomass demand for energy purposes according to different policy scenarios.



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