The sustainability impact of biomass-to-energy pathways


assess of the impact of policy instruments on the sustainable use of biomass


advance our understanding of the impact of market system dynamics on the sustainable use of biomass


provide tools and guidance for public and private stakeholders


Provide tools and guidance for public and private stakeholders


Within this activity the BIOTEAM consortium partners together with public and private stakeholders will assess if and to what extent the financial-economic optimization tendencies of pathway stakeholders also result in the most sustainable pathway outcomes. In order to do this a series economic optimization simulations for a number of bio-energy pathways will be performed. The simulation results will evaluated with the help of a multi-criteria assessment (MCA) that aims to strike a balance (weighting) between the social, economic and environmental impacts. This weighting will be performed in a participatory setting with stakeholders


The outcomes of these weightings will be placed in a local/regional context which will also reflect the stakeholders’ context specific sustainability preferences and priorities. This optimization assessment will shed light on whether or not both the policy framework (activity 2) and the market system (activity 3) are sufficiently robust and efficient so as to be able to result in the most (context-specific) sustainable pathway designs (activity 1).


Key tasks

  • Perform a series of economic optimization for a selected number of bio-energy pathways
  • Perform an ex-ante sustainability optimization assessment (exploratory MCA simulation without stakeholders)
  • Perform an ex-post sustainability optimization assessment (MCA simulation with stakeholder input)
  • Provide input for strategic briefings for public (policy makers) and private (market actors) stakeholders to inform and support individual stakeholders and stakeholder networks to take more sustainable decisions

Key outputs

  • A series of economic optimization simulations (for individual or grouped bio-energy pathways) 
  • A series of MCA simulations (for individual or grouped bio-energy pathways)
  • Strategic briefings (directed at or supported by policy makers and/or specific groups of market actors)



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